Dekk 1/10 Truck - Front - Stagger Rib (1 Par)
Merke :   Schumacher
Varenr :   su-U6525
På lager:  9

Schumacher Stagger Rib truck tyre in hard wearing blue compound. Used as a front tyre where less grip is required.…

Dekk 1/10 Truck - Mini Pin - Yellow (1 Par)
Merke :   Schumacher
Varenr :   su-U6816
På lager:  1

1/10th Stadium truck racing was extremely popular 'back in the day' and is now making a comeback! With events such…

Stadium Truck Wheel Aerodisk with 12 mm Hex - White (2)
Merke :   Xray
Varenr :   xr-329912
På lager:  4

Specially-designed stadium truck wheels with 12mm internal hex. Perfect fit, and perfect for high-competition racing. The wheels are made from…