Bil Stand 1:10 Off-Road
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-108160
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Compact, stylish stand for 1/10 off-road cars is great for providing a super-stable platform when working on your vehicle. The…

Car Stand for 1/10 Off-Road cars
Merke :   Bittydesign
Varenr :   bi-BDCS-OFF10
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Product Features
The accessory not only supports your car but can be used also as pratical stand for the shocks during…

Chassis Protector Vinyl Sticker 360x125mm
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-209200
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HUDY Chassis Protector Vinyl Sticker 360x125mm

Protects against scratches and wear
Keeps chassis looking new
Reduces chassis friction
Uncut for universal use
360x125mm / 14.2??x4.9??