Motor 3,5cc - FX K302.1 - 3 Ports, DLC, Ceramic Bearing, Balanced
Merke :   FX
Varenr :   fx-650104
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New FX K302.1 engine is an all-new 3-port engine which replaces the K302 engine. The K302.1 is based on the…

Motor 3,5cc - FX K501 - 5 Ports, Dlc, Ceramic Bearing, Balanced
Merke :   FX
Varenr :   fx-650303
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The K501 is a premium, high-performance 1/8 off-road engine designed for high-competition racing. The K501 is completely innovated engine based…

Motor 3,5cc Off-Road - Bullitt B-223
Merke :   Nemo-Racing
Varenr :   ne-B-223
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The gun is loaded and ready to fire the brand new BULLITT B-223 Motor onto the podium .. A great…

Motor 3,5cc Reds Worlds Edition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Combo
Merke :   Reds
Varenr :   re-RWCV0001
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The Team Package includes a REDS Worlds Edition engine, 2112 Pipe, M Manifold, 6.5mm, 7.0mm and 7.5mm Venturi. The engine…

Motor 3,5cc Reds Wr7 Diamond
Merke :   Reds
Varenr :   re-ENBU0008
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REDS All-new WR7 DIAMOND EDITION is a 7 special porting extreme power engine based on the famous R7 Worlds Edition…

Motor Lrp Z.21r (3,5cc) Team Spec.2 Off-Road
Merke :   LRP
Varenr :   lr-32101
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Engine size .21 (3.48ccm)
Exhaust Rear
Bore 16.27mm
Stroke 16.75mm
Liner ABC
Number of ports 6+1 (6x transfer-,…