• Varenr: lr-32101
  • Fabrikat: LRP
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Motor Lrp Z.21r (3,5cc) Team Spec.2 Off-Road
kr. 2.302,00 kr. 1.842,00

Engine size .21 (3.48ccm)
Exhaust Rear
Bore 16.27mm
Stroke 16.75mm
Liner ABC
Number of ports 6+1 (6x transfer-, 1x exhaust-port)
Crankshaft 14.0mm, Turbo scoop, SG-shaft
Crankcase LRP VTEC.21 Heavy Duty, black coloured
Piston Fully CNC-machined, high-silicium alloy
Connecting Rod Fork shaped aluminium using double bushings
Glowplug LRP standard style R6 (No. 35060) included
Carburetor VTEC Competition slide carburetor with venturi inserts
(7.5, 8.5 and 9.0mm included), improved design
Power Output* 2.61 HK
Max. RPM* 34.000
Weight 350g
*Figures may vary depending on used fuel, muffl er and tuning.