Set-Up Station 1/10 Touring Cars

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The HUDY Set-up Station for all 1/10 electric & nitro touring cars is a vital set-up tool used for a complete suspension geometry adjustment. The Set-up Station is used to measure and adjust the front & rear toe, caster, camber, camber gain and steering throw symmetry.

The Set-up Station includes aluminum assembly nuts for quick and straight-forward "one screw" assembly. The 12 high-precision ball-bearings ensure backlash-free & wobble-free operation and ultra-precise set-up adjustments.

The entire system is very small, light, and well-designed for easy transport to the track.

This universal Set-up Station will fit all standard 1/10 electric and nitro touring cars.

Set-up Station is used for measurement and adjustment of:
  • Camber & camber gain
  • Caster
  • Front and rear toe
  • Steering throw symmetry

    Main features:
  • Must-have set-up tool for a complete suspension geometry adjustment
  • Quick and straight-forward "one screw" assembly/disassembly
  • Backlash-free, wobble-free mounting
  • Fully ball-bearing equipped set-up stands (12 high-precision ball-bearings)
  • Ultra-smooth, ultra-precise movement and operation
  • CNC-machined from high-grade premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
  • CNC-machined upside measure plate form tough acrylic plastic
  • All components have prevision engraving for instant & reliable readings
  • Carrying box with foam inserts for safe storage & transportation
  • High-quality, super precision & long life
  • Industry standard for set-up tools since 1992

  • 4 set-up stands with installed ball-bearings
  • 4 camber gauges (triangular) with installed ball-bearing
  • 4 assembly nuts
  • 4 wheel nuts
  • 2 alu shims (5x11.8x4mm) to be used depending on the offset
  • 1 acrylic upside measure plate
  • Set-up Book
  • Carrying box with foam inserts for smart & safe storage and transportation

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