Silicone Oil 8000 Cst - 50ml

kr 119,00

  • Varenr:  HU-106480
På lager: 3 stk
HUDY Ultimate Silicone Oils

  • premium silicone oils
  • laboratory tested and calibrated
  • made in Europe

    HUDY Ultimate Silicone Oils are manufactured in Europe by a specialized silicone oil premium manufacturer and were created exclusively for HUDY. Each batch of ultimate oil is laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. Based on the industry-proven cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel.

    Thinner oils are suitable for shocks (up to Medium), and thicker oils are suitable for differentials. With the available range, you will be able to find the correct viscosity you need for your application.

    Each category of oils is individually color-coded to allow you to instantly recognize the type of viscosity.

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