FX K302.1 - 3 Ports, Dlc, Ceramic Bearing, Balanced

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New FX K302.1 engine is an all-new 3-port engine which replaces the K302 engine. The K302.1 is based on the K302 engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements. With focus on lower fuel consumption and more linear power curve, the crankshaft and carburetor were re-designed.

The 3-port engine includes a ceramic bearing and diamond-coated crankshaft. The crankshaft is individually balanced with a tungsten weight. The sleeve and piston set were specially selected and matched.

Included low profile 7-rib engine head (recommended for medium air temperature) has a lower weight than the standard engine head and gives a lower CG to make the car more stable on fast tracks.

Significant improvements were incorporated in the production & assembly processes, with new and even more precise quality inspection. All parts are individually measured and then specially selected and matched to increase engine reliability, performance, and quality.

All of the finest engineering and craftsmanship has gone into the concept, design, creation, and finishing of all FX Engines. This engine and all of its parts were designed and manufactured by FX in-house in Slovakia, Europe from the finest European materials and using the most advanced Swiss, German, and Italian technologies. Even the crankcase was die cast in-house using fully-robotic die-casting technology.

All parts are individually measured and inspected, and all dimensions are recorded to ensure a full manufacturing & assembly record of every single part. Each engine includes a manufacturing certificate that records all important serial numbers and measurements so that, at any time, all details of the production – material batch, machine programs, responsible craftsperson, and production dates – can be traced back to the beginning.

* 3-port, high-competition 1/8 off-road engine
* Linear power with lower fuel consumption
* 14mm high-precision, silicone-filled crankshaft
* DLC Diamond-coated crankshaft
* Tungsten balanced crankshaft
* CNC-machined silicium piston
* Specially selected and matched sleeve & piston set
* Ceramic ball-bearings
* Low engine head
* Designed and manufactured in Slovakia, Europe
* Engine manufacturing certificate included

* Displacement: 3.5cc
* Bore: 16.40mm
* Stroke: 16.40mm
* Weight: 349g
* Max. power: 2.5 HP @ 34,000 RPM
* Practical range: 4,000-42,000 RPM
* Ports: 3 transfer ports
* Piston: CNC-machined silicium
* Sleeve: CNC-machined brass, hard chrome plated
* Front ball-bearing: 7x19mm, made in Japan
* Rear ball-bearing: 14x25.8mm ceramic, made in Germany
* Crankshaft: 14mm
* Carburetor: Alloy body with thermal isolation; 3-needle with modular venturi
* Glow plug: X3
* Exhaust position: Rear

* X3 glow plug
* Exhaust gasket
* Cylinder-head shim
* Carburetor venturi
* 3mm dust cap
* 6mm dust cap
* 16mm dust cap
* 18mm dust cap

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